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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 8, 2012 2:00pm-4:00pm EST

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including congresswoman giffords, loughner is being sentenced after pleading guilty to 19 federal charges and sitting two rows in front of gab gi giffords and mark kelly. we have a correspondent inside that courtroom. talking to him and take all of that live as soon as the sentencing hearing is over. but first this here. new information just in to us at cnn. two iranian fighter jets fired at an unarmed u.s. predator drone. we're hearing it happened last week. barbara starr is at the pentagon for us with this exclusive report. barbara, tell us what you know. >> reporter: new military tensions now with iran. cnn has learned it was last thursday just one week ago that two iranian su-25, old russian fighter jets they operate flew out in to the persian gulf in to
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international air space and fired on a u.s. air force predator drone, an unmanned drone in international air space that the pentagon insists conducting routine all toe classified maritime surveillance. the iranian air force hit the drone. the drone was able to return to base in that region. but this does raise some serious new tensions with iran. it was, of course, just a few days before the presidential election. here in the united states. officials that we have talked to confirming it after we questioned them say they just don't know at this point what the iranians were up to. just out to cause trouble or trying to bring down that u.s. drone, brooke. >> this is clearly raising tensions as you point out. could this be considered an act of war? >> reporter: well, it's an interesting question for the pentagon lawyers. the thing is, you know, they fired the u.s. believes we're told in an unprovoked fashion. they say that the drone was in
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international air space about 16 miles off the iranian coast in the northern end of the gulf and that it was completely unprovoked and without warning. the pentagon through the state department has protested to the iranian government. the pentagon says they haven't heard back from teheran. >> barbara starr at the pentagon, thank you. now, to the northeast where nature is delivering this one-two punch. take a look. as if sandy didn't deliver enough to you in this region. folks just trying to recover of last week's superstorm are being hit by a cold, cruel nor'easter. that means snow. it means wind. it means freezing rain for a lot of you here. i know the last thing in the world this region needs, more power outages. listen now to new jersey's governor react to this latest weather threat. >> i said i'm waiting for the
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locusts and pestilence next. you know? >> hopefully nolo custs, chris christie. here's what the nor'easter is delivering. more than a foot of snow in some areas. new round of evacuations. power outages stretching from delaware to maine and along with the misery, the storm is fueling anger. want to begin our coverage here with the misery. bitter, bitter cold temperatures. no lights. no heating. this nor'easter knocking out power to many who recently as perhaps recent as yesterday got it back. many folks they have had enough and as the temperatures are plummeting, frustrations are on the rise. some in poorer neighborhoods say they're being neglected. >> everybody's sticking together and everybody's trying to do the best that they can but we need help here in red hook. especially in the towers. you have children, you have people that can't go to the bathroom. they can't wash themselves. and it -- it's just so -- it's
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emotional for me to be right here but this is auliffe. >> this is auliffe. deb feyerick is live in brooklynment it's heartwrenching. you are out there in the thick of things. what are people telling you? >> reporter: they're saying they're suffering. people we're speaking to are suffering and lost everything. not only do they have to live with the cold and the freezing temperatures, in weather, damp, mold-stricken homes, but they just don't know what the next step is. some of the cars you see here, one of the reasons they haven't moved is because the huge wave came all the way down this block and, brooke, just to situate everybody, on the other side of the water is breezy point where the 110 homes burned down the night of hurricane sandy. that was zone a. this is zone b. people weren't told to evacuate. one man said the water was up to
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his waist and chest and wasn't time and lost all electricity. they have seen a couple of people of fema but not enough to make a difference and people from the red cross to help and they need manpower and right now they don't feel like they're getting it. christine holland is joining me right. you have been coordinating the relief center. that relief center there, okay, if it weren't for the relief center, a lot of people would have given up hope a listening time ago. what are the things you need? >> heat, he electricity. we need to organize and more presence and national grid. needs to come down and show their presence so people understand what better to do about electricity getting fixed and electricians and plumbers, boilers, supplies for all of that. we need a professional tree
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cutters very badly. we have trees to fall on houses. four so far and i can't get help for that. firemen can only cut the front of the door but we need professionals. >> reporter: does a lot. there's -- do you feel that garretson beach is ignored? other areas have gotten help faster? >> i haven't seen any news. i don't know. i have no electricity. >> >> reporter: you're not sure? >> i'm not sure on that. >> reporter: you know what your community needs. is us frustrating you haven't seen more people here from con ed handling this? they say you have to get the licensed electrician to sign off and make sure your breakers are before we turn them on. >> it's great to see representatives just talking to the people. and making them feel more comfortable. tonight there's a town hall meeting. we'll see if con ed shows up or not. >> reporter: national grid, i have seen a couple of more trucks. >> me, too. >> reporter: they starting to come to this area? >> just truckling through.
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i'm in the old section. i don't know about the new section. like i said, my internet's not working. i can't get much connection on my phone so it's been difficult to get communication. >> reporter: last question. at the fire house, at the relief center, we heard a lot of people last night and a lot of people were crying. they're just hanging on by a thread right now. >> we need counselors to help with trauma. i heard of people who haven't left their house yet and dealing with trauma issues and could use volunteers, red cross to help with those issues. >> reporter: thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> reporter: it is not just the obvious things but grief counselors, psychological counselors to walk them through this because they have lost so much, brooke. >> deb feyerick, there are no words to describe what they're going through. i appreciate you and the woman trying to help them out. the frustration is palpable. i want to bring in someone who's fairly frustrated, as well. stephanie, staying in her home on staten island.
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she's joining me here by phone. stephanie, you with me? >> i am here. >> all right, stephanie. so i understand you evacuated last night. you planned to return to your home this evening. you have no heat. no power. why go home? >> no heat. that's right. >> why go home? >> who could you do? you have to go home. you have to protect what's left. >> what is left? >> well, you know, some people on my block have lost -- have had water in the house up to 14 inches. trying to protect their homes. you know? the basements blew out doors and you feel like you can't leave. if you leave you're empty and open. listening to the other callers, they're hoping for volunteer electrici electricians. i never heard of such that thing. i thought we had to get our own. you know? we don't know what to do. we're just standing there not knowing what to do next. you know? start cleanup.
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get that water out of your house. it's contamination. >> yeah. >> you know? germicide and gutting. you know? so that's the first place to start but, you know, with all the mess that everybody's going through, i think that fema is probably addressing, you know, i mean have lost so much more than i have. i mean, it's one big ground zero. and it's devastating. even that i'm devastated, i know that there are people that lost more like their lives. >> one big ground zero. are you alone? i understand -- was it your brother and brother's children? you were together. you rode out sandy. >> yes. >> are you alone now? >> no. i actually have three brothers but one of my brothers is staying at the house with me. >> okay. >> my three brothers, we were all together when it happened. we didn't evacuate. we did evacuate for irene and we didn't evacuate for this. i evacuated for yesterday which turned out to be not so bad.
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you know? because you don't want to make the same mistake twice. my brother, yeah, he lost his whole first floor and he has four kids. it's -- you know, you don't know what to do. it was a full week before we found out that we needed to contact electricians to get the boxes looked at. you know? and i'm just -- you know, there because i didn't know what to do. i know that i couldn't leave. i had dogs. i was keeping his dogs because -- >> shower. >> he has kids to deal with. and i was just holding the fort down. you know? i didn't want the leave and leave my house open. >> stephanie, we wish you warmth. we wish you hopefully a speedy, you know, return to power and life for you and everyone else up and down there in the northeast. stephanie, thank you for calling in. i want to get straight to alexandra steele. you listen to her and she says
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despite her losses, it's not so bad considering others have lost lives. but it really is like a ground zero. >> it is. and when you listen to her, i think so many people don't know what to do. i think she is not the exception. she's kind of a rule i bet with what's happening here and unfortunately for stephanie and so many others it's cold and windy and, though, we are seeing more rain coming, unfortunately. i want the show you what's what. area of low pressure that brought this moving out. and for stephanie and everyone along the jersey coast, long island coast, things will improve. here's the area of low pressure for perspective. this is new york. this is long island. so it's south of cape cod. so certainly it is moving east. more or less is a quick hitter. by tomorrow, completely a done deal. east hampton seeing some rain. hartford, a heavy band of rain coming. this is on top of hartford county, four and nine inches of rain. now, temperatures in the mid-40s. wind gusting to 49 miles per
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hour so still raw windchills feeling like the 20s. here's where these winds are. now even in philadelphia gusting to 25. providence and boston, of course, because you're further north and east you hang on to these winds longer. here's the wind gust forecast. see the time stamp to friday afternoon. still in portland, maine, boston, still between 35 and 40 miles per hour. finally, though, the storm is exiting. again, only improving friday and see it off the coast and again, brooke, by tomorrow afternoon, certainly everyone seeing sunny skies. the winds will abate. >> what about flights, though? from what i saw 1,500 flights canceled in the northeast. is that back on track? >> 600 flights were canceled today. 1,600 flights canceled yesterday but the 1,600 flights canceled today, there are flights up there and we are seeing delays right now in boston and newark. those are the two places but also with lines like long island
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railroad, metro north. metro north is slowing the trains because of the ice on the tracks so they're slower. and long island railroad is up and running, suspended last night. delays today about 20 minutes. >> okay. we'll talk next hour. thank you very much. also today, former congresswoman giffords in court facing the man who shot her. victims of jared loughner are speaking out today. he is finally sentenced for shooting and killing six people, injuring 13 others. we'll hear from the reporter who's been sitting inside that courtroom. also, watching the markets here for you today. the day after the day after election day. not quite as bad as yesterday. the dow down 60 points. back in a moment. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't work on runny noses. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have an antihistamine. really? [ male announcer ] really. alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a fast acting antihistamine to relieve your runny nose. [ sighs ] thank you!
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>> breaking news in to cnn. we have learned out of tucson, arizona, the federal court judge sentenced the man you see over my shoulder jared lee loughner who killed six, injured 13, back two januaries ago, sentenced to life without parole. quoting the judge here. quote, the evidence clearly shows he knew what he was doing despite mental illness. let's give you background in to the sentencing hearing because we also know this. former congresswoman giffords stood up in the courtroom today. she faced the man that tried to assassinate her firing a bullet in to her brain. her husband former astronaut shuttle commander mark kelly spoke on her behalf and kelly said, quoting him, gabby would trade her own life to bring back
2:18 pm
any one of those you savagely murdered that day. her life has been forever changed. he goes on, every day is a continual struggle to do those things she was once so good at. federal prosecutors said loughner is given life without parole. during the hearing here, one point aides helped giffords out of the courtroom for a few minutes and then she did return. we don't know why she left. at least nine other shooting survivors are there including a woman who stopped loughner from reloading his gun and one of the men who helped tackle him to the ground. >> you're angry the first time you see him and but you calm down a little bit. >> i don't know how i'll react so i'm planning on speaking. i might change my mind but i really do have some things i want to say to the judge and to him. >> again, six people were killed, 13 injured in last
2:19 pm
year's shooting rampage in tucson. he pleaded guilty to 19 charges as part of the plea deal happening in august. prosecutors dropped the death penalty and one survivor said in court today that loughner's sentencing cannot bring closure to that dreadful day. >> that incident will be in my heart and mind foras long as i live so i call it another step in the journey. it gives you a new perspective on the important things in life and it can't help but change you. and hopefully for the better. >> it changes your priorities. and you look at all of the good things that are happening every day. >> he's been sentenced to life without parole. we'll bring you the correspondent and color inside that courtroom and this is the
2:20 pm
first time that some of the victims and survivors confronted the man for the first time. now this. did you check your 401(k) this morning? probably not a pretty sight after the stock market's post-election tumble yesterday. the duh's worst day of the year down 313 points. folks, that is more than 2%. let's did to alison kosik at the new york stock exchange for us. we are just about an hour 40 minutes from the closing bell. and should we avoid looking at our retirement accounts tomorrow morning, alison? >> look at it. to be honest with you, don't change your 401(k) based on a bad day because you want to look at the s&p 500. that's the mutual funds, 401(k) really tracks and still up 10% for the year so chances are your 401 is all right at this point. look on wall street, stocks are trading calmer today. we saw stocks trade higher this morning. now they're in the red. dow down 62 points.
2:21 pm
could be an indication of what's to come down the pike. the market' churning for a couple of months with the fiscal cliff. the expectation is that the president and congress will wind up hammering out a deal and until you're there we won't see a strong conviction to buy stocks. brooke? >> can we talk black friday? >> let's talk black friday. >> can you believe it? we're hearing walmart opening 8:00 thanksgiving night. eat your turkey, go shopping. >> that's right. >> why? to cash in. >> they're the trend setter. walmart opening 8:00 p.m. thanksgiving day and the second year in a row they're doing this. opening on thanksgiving night. opening two hours earlier this year and the company, brooke, just responding to customer feedba feedback. the shoppers, they went to have the turkey and go shopping and then at bed at a reasonable hour all apparently in the same day and national retail federation agrees. 80% of shoppers they say they'll start shopping before december this year. get this.
2:22 pm
12% started the christmas shopping before september which means they're probably in the flip flops and bathing suits and for the influx of people coming in, retailers have to be ready. christmas shopping is huge for them. it's a critical time for year for them. even if it begins when we're swimming in the pool. >> so you mentioned this is wall administrator's second year. any other retailers doing this? >> sears and k mart, as well. expect more stores to follow, as well. last year toys r us opened early and waited until november 19th to let everybody know. the national retail federation says the shoppers on thanksgiving day has really soared in the last three years. a little over 3% in 2009. jumping all the way to more than 24% last year and opening up earlier and earlier expect that number to go up again. we just can't get enough of holiday shopping. >> after the dinner, i'm comatose.
2:23 pm
put me in sweat pants and to bed. power to these people to do it early. >> i hear you. >> thank you. >> sure. and now this one. this story, this pilot steals a passenger plane, we now have the video. we have the tape of what this looked like crashing in to buildings. that's just ahead. we find the best, sweetest crab for red lobster that we can find. [ male announcer ] hurry in to red lobster's crabfest! the only time of year you can savor 5 succulent crab entrees, all under 20 dollars. like a half-pound of tender snow crab paired with savory grilled shrimp, just 12.99. or our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake. [ forsythe ] if i wouldn't put it on my table at home, i wouldn't bring it in. my name's jon forsythe, and i sea food differently.
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for two weeks in october, drivers terrorized by a gunman an some of the shootings along the stretch of highway. take a look at the map. this is i-96 here in just outside of detroit. in all, there were 24 shootings. in four different counties. and the gun fire random. wept on for weeks. today, finally, a sigh of relief for a lot of you because this man has been charged and was arraigned yesterday. 43-year-old castile. he's married and has a preschooled daughter. the former neighbor is said to be shocked but his mother said she's been worried about his mental health. he is only charged with one. >> what is your emergency?
2:27 pm
>> i'm calling. i was driving in my car down i-96 and i thought something hit me like something like a really loud noise happened. >> went in at the door hand toll the rear driver side door. >> and pass through the vehicle? >> lodged on the other side. >> he is being held under $2 million bond. also, the egyptian-american man behind the anti-muslim film that stirred up violence in the middle east will be in federal prison for quite a while. he is mark youseff and sentenced for violating probation in a bank fraud conviction. his attorney said he admits to being the writer "innocence of the muslims" and might have been a cultural consultant on the film. muslims protested the film portraying the prophet muhammad as a womanizer and killer. just-released video. this is surveillance video showing these maneuvers of a man on the run as he's stealing a
2:28 pm
plane in utah! look at this with me. brian hedgeland commandeered the empty jet in july. the video, new. this is happening several months after colorado police say he stabbed and killed his girlfriend and see it moving. he was not trying to take cough. he heads to the parking lot and clips the corner of the terminal building at st. george airport. he shot himself in the plane shortly after the video ended. billions of dollars in the election d. the big-time spenders get the money's worth? next, why money can't always buy an election.
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2:32 pm
billion that was spent on independent campaign ads. let's say that again. $1 billion. but their candidate lost the white house and they failed to win control of the senate, not much return on investment here. joining me from washington, matea gold. welcome. your lead line, money isn't everything. this is a new set of rules, you know, remove the constraint on the outside ads, presume to be huge advantage specifically for republicans. doesn't seem to have worked. why not? >> it really was a fascinating development. as you mentioned, a record $6 billion on this campaign. largely that spending driven by outside groups that were reporting spending $1 billion. that doesn't even include the perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars in expenditures by tax exempt groups that don't have to report the spending and mitt romney largely the beneficiary of the outside spending in the presidential race of three to one at least.
2:33 pm
but it was not the game changer that many anticipated it would be and a couple reasons for that. one is, while outside groups helped mitt romney on the air, they really only brought him to parity with the number of ads that were being run on his behalf compared to obama because obama as a candidate got a lower ad rate which had to spend more money by the other groups and number of groups running ads on romney's behalf. so many groups piling on, media strategists said perhaps too many messages. some were talking about the economy. others were talking about so landra and may have created too much noise. >> too many messages. let me jump in because, you know, we hear about the billionaires and people wanting to -- the game changers shelling out the money to try to defeat barack obama. they lost. here's what i want to know. are they angry? >> safe to say that there's soul searching begin on right now. >> soul searching.
2:34 pm
>> and i think that, you know, donors have indicated they wanted to know really what kind of return they're getting on the investment. a major donor said to us yesterday, you know, he's questioning the strategy of putting so much money in ads. >> who are they questioning? who are they soul searching with? >> well, clearly, the strategists who run the -- ran the groups. karl rove being one of them are having to answer a lot of questions today. and i do think that a lot of these donors while seems like $5 million is a lot of money to us, it's really, really a small investment for them so for some of the folks this is a vote with their money on behalf of who they thought they wanted to win and the ideological donors giving money but i think also a lot of donors who had hopes of seeing greater returns and they're probably going to think carefully of where they put their money next i'm. >> $6 billion, it's a lot. thank you for coming on.
2:35 pm
>> my pleasure. >> former congresswoman giffords. we have now learned jared lee loughner, this murderer, is sentenced by a judge in tucson to life without parole. casey wian was inside the courtroom and joins me live. casey, what was it like in there? >> reporter: brooke, it was very, very tense inside that courtroom. jared loughner walked in to the courtroom. we have seen many pictures of him with the head shaved, his hair has grown now and a much different looking young man than we have been accustomed of seeing and congressman giffords walking in to the courtroom with the help of her husband and with help of friends. they were going to confront mr. loughner for the first time since that day back in january when he shot congresswoman giffords and several other people, killing six people. the victim after victim paraded
2:36 pm
before the court and spoke many of them directly to jared loughner looking at him, describing the impact that this shooting had on all of their lives. many of them surprisingly i think, brooke, offered forgiveness. they said because he's mentally ill, they have some capacity in their heart to forgive him. all of them, according to the prosecutor or nearly all of them, said that they did not want the death penalty in this case. and that the prosecution honored those wishes because of mr. loughner's mental illness. perhaps the most poignant moment is when mark kelly, husband of gabby giffords looked at him directly and said we are done thinking about you. a lot of people talk about the word closure. the judge talked about the word closure. he said it's a 25-cent word. when's really happened to today in his words resolution. the resolution of this case. seven consecutive life terms in
2:37 pm
prison. one for each person who loughner killed and one for the assassination attempt of former congresswoman giffords plus 140 years in prison for all of the other assaults, all of the other injured victims. bottom line, he will not see the light of day outside of prison walls ever again, brooke. >> casey, has the people line up as you describe and looking i presume straight in the eyes of jared loughner and speaking, how did loughner react? >> reporter: i was behind him so i couldn't see his face but for the most part he looked at him. my producer linda had a better look. his attorney was stroking his arm, apparently trying to calm him, keep him -- keep him calm as he heard all of these people talk about the horrific things that he has done to their lives. one of the things i want to point out, as well, many of these victims stressed that they wanted to make sure that mr.
2:38 pm
loughner is required to take the medication he needs for his mental illness. they want him fully aware of what he's done for the rest of his life and the judge part of the sentence did order him sent to a prison where that can happen. >> to be fully aware locked up for the rest of his life. casey, thank you. next, if you think the u.s. electoral college is complicated for choosing a leader, we'll show you the process of china right now going through the leadership change globe trekking next. there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and... is concentrated, so you could use less gel. and with androgel 1.62%, you can save on your monthly prescription.
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issued a blunt warning. the party could collapse if they fail to clean up the leadership. there are no democratic elections in china. you can see the pomp and circumstance here. but remember, one thing to remember here in this long process, there is only one party in china. that is the communist party. and party loyalty is absolute. imagine growing up with scarring so severe that your only wish is to be able to walk down the street unnoticed. today cnn chief medical correspondent sanjay gupta inintroduces us to a woman helping others seize their pain. >> reporter: the scars on her face serve as a never ended reminder of a kitchen fire she endured more than two decades
2:43 pm
ago. she was in the kitchen as a 2-year-old with her brother who was 6. >> he took a frozen chunk of meat from the fridge and he put it in to oiling oil so fire started. he tried to take it to the sink and he tripped on top of me so the oil stilled on 40% of my face. >> thankfully she doesn't remember the accident. or the pain. she does remember being rushed to the hospital and the surgeon working tirelessly to open the eye stuck shut from the burning oil. >> all of the time growing up it was really difficult because everybody was there and especially at school. it was really hard to fit in. >> feeling frustrated after more than 100 freed yours, at age 16, she asked the plastic surgeon what else could she do? >> he had said, take your money and go on a vacation. i was still left with a you brow and disappointed at that time. >> disappointed but undeterred.
2:44 pm
she began to research the options. soon enough she began experimenting with micropigment in plenation. the fancy term for tattoos. >> i had nothing to lose so that's when i took the tattoo machine and sat in front of the mirror and working on my own face for two years. >> she's made a career of helping others soften their stars. today she's tattooing a birthmark. >> when i was in kindergarten they held me down and tried to erase my face with a pencil with no eraser on it. >> she tried everything. nothing worked until she found this, and medical cosmetic tattooing. it's the last step both women say in learning to love themselves from the inside out. >> med tall cosmetic tattooing.
2:45 pm
thank you. we'll check you out. saturday 4:30 p.m. eastern and sunday. sanjay gupta m.d. with all of the excitement over the presidential election or perhaps disappointed depend ogen the camp you are in, a ballot proposal could lead to the change of number of stars on the flag, next. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
2:46 pm
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with the election following the presidential race, the house, the senate, you might have missed this vote. the possibility of a 51st state. the people of puerto rico voted in favor of statehood. its a nonbinding referendum.
2:49 pm
54% rejected the current status as a commonwealth. 61% said they want puerto rico to be a state. 33% preferred a sovereign free association. 6% favored outright independence. senior latin american affairs editor rafael romo here with a ballot. >> yes. the actual ballot. >> this is the actual ballot. tell me here why is this referendum different? >> well, it is different because it's the first time that the option of statehood wins in puerto rico. they have done this three times in the last 45 years and this is the actual first time that statehood is number one. however, if you take a look at the ballot, you have three options. the first two are very simple. statehood, independence or sovereign free associated state. the first question that comes the mind is, what the heck is sovereign free associated state. >> what the heck is that? >> well, nobody really knows.
2:50 pm
>> okay. >> that's the problem and reason why a lot of puerto ricans left this question blank andcritics statehood won and calling it a victory with an asterisk and not a clear mandate. nobody's defined how it works and it's the one with the longest description of what would be. now again, we are only talking about what puerto ricans and it's nonbinding which means that it's up to the u.s. congress to decide if they want to move ahead with this. >> yeah. this is at washington. is it likely? >> well, not really. it is very difficult to find the political will with all of the challenges that the new congress is going to have to move on something like this. president barack obama was in puerto rico earlier this year and listen what he had to say about this issue. >> when i ran for president, i promised to include puerto rico. not just on my itinerary, but
2:51 pm
also, in my vision of where our country needs to go. and i'm proud to say that we have kept that promise, too. first of all, we've addressed the question of political status. and when the people of puerto rico make a clear decision, my administration will stand by you. >> stand by you. >> that's right. >> the people of puerto rico. >> he said when they make a clear decision. >> uh-huh. >> and in this case, it doesn't seem all that clear. but again, first time that statehood with asterisk or not wins in puerto rico. >> thank you. >> thank you. teargas. stun grenades. molotov cocktail. protests turn violent in greece as the country's parliament preparing to cut pensions, raise taxes. we have the details. in pieces all over the district. the writer's desktop and the coordinator's phone are working on a joke with local color.
2:52 pm
the secure cloud just received a revised intro from the strategist's tablet. and while i make my way into the venue, the candidate will be rehearsing off of his phone. [ candidate ] and thanks to every young face i see out there. [ woman ] his phone is one of his biggest supporters. [ female announcer ] with cisco at the center... working together has never worked so well.
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2:55 pm
week's "black in america." >> welcome. i work with gunshot patients. how many of you know someone who's been shot? >> reporter: philadelphia educator scott charles is on a mission to save lives. charles and amy goldberg at temple university hospital produced a plan to curb gun violence. >> we'll take you behind the scenes, let you see what we do. >> reporter: it brings local high school students inside the trauma center to relive the final 15 minutes of life of a teen killed by gun violence. >> that young boy stood over lamont and fired ten more shots in to him. >> you know, gun violence can kill so i think it's our responsibility to prevent the kids from coming in. >> reporter: among america's largest cities, philadelphia's homicide rate is the worst with african-americans making up 85% of the victims. >> you know, statistics suggest that as a young black man you
2:56 pm
have a greater chance of being shot and killed in philadelphia than you would have if you're a soldier serving in the conflict in afghanistans or iraq. that's absurd to me. >> reporter: since 2006, more than 7,000 students have come through the cradle to grave program. >> i don't want that to happen to me. i want to be something. >> we want to teach them the preciousness of life. that in an instant your life can be changed forever. >> reporter: change they want for the better. sarah hoye, cnn, philadelphia. >> sarah, thank you. who's black in america? is being black determined by the color of your skin, your family? by what society says or something else? soledad o'brien examining questions in the new documentary "who is black in america" december 9th at 8:00 and 11:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn.
2:57 pm
new austerity measures for greece lead to a familiar faceoff in the streets of athens. take a look. protesters as many as 70,000 showing up against police here demonstrating against budget cuts they say they can't take after years of belt tightening here. the public rage is evidence here and didn't stop lawmakers from adopting the new cuts including raising the retirement age to 67 and reduces pensions and pay and reduce $40 billion in bailout money. another presidential election in the books. but once again, not in florida. not yet at least. the state still counting. still counting the ballots two days after election. next, details on when we can expect a decision on florida's electoral votes. consider the si- still the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road.
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3:01 pm
newsroom. i'm brooke baldwin and news in from tucson, arizona. we know that jared loughner the man that tried to assassinate former congresswoman gabby giffords, he is sentenced to life in prison without parole. former congressman giffords stood up in court and she faced this man who tried to kill her firing that bullet in to her brain. her husband mark kelly did speak up on his wife's behalf at the sentencing hearing just a little while ago and here's what he said. gabby would trade her own life to bring back any one of those you savagely murdered that day. her life has been forever changed. every day is a continual struggle to do those things she was once so good at. many, many other victims had the opportunity today inside the courtroom to speak up, to speak to this man about their pain, to speak about their loss, loughner was sentenced to life in prison with no chance for parole.
3:02 pm
at one point in the hearing, aides helped gabby giffords walk out of the courtroom for a couple of minutes and then did return. we don't know why it was she left. but i can tell you at least nine other shooting survivors were there, including a woman who stopped loughner from reloading his gun and the man that helped tackle him. again, six people killed. 13 wounded. in last yore's shooting rampage just outside that grocery store in tucson. one survivor speaking up in court today said that loughner's sentencing cannot bring closure to that dreadful day. >> that incident will be in my heart and find foras long as i live so i call it another step in the journey. it gives you a new perspective on the important things in life and can't help but change you. and hopefully for the better. >> it changes your priorities and you look at all of the good things that are happening every
3:03 pm
day. >> casey w ian was inside that courtroom and joins me now by phone. set the scene for me. what was it like in there? >> reporter: brooke, i'm sorry. i'm having a very difficult time hearing you. i'm outside of the assembly room where the u.s. attorney and other officials are going to have a news conference where they'll bring out some of those victims who appeared at the sentencing today. i have to tell you that one of the most traumatic moments, brooke, was when the wife of an elderly gentleman who was killed by jared loughner got up and looked at loughner in the eyes and talked about how when she was shot, as well, her husband on top of her, he was bleeding. she struggled to get out from under his body and told him to breathe and breathe and she said she heard him take a deep breathe and knows he heard her and tell him that she loved him, just minutes later he died in
3:04 pm
her arms. and then several moments after that she passed out. she looked at loughner and said, it's because you shot me three times, as well. despite some of the graphic, graphic stories that some of these victims came forward with including mark kelly, the husband of gabrielle giffords who said you may have put a bullet in her head but you didn't dent her spirit and the ability to do good in the world. despite the graphic, graphic testimony, if you will, is the fact that so many of these victims said that they were willing to forgive mr. loughner and wanted him to continue with the medication in prison for the rest of his life so he'll never forget, always be aware of what he did to these people, brooke. >> casey, i spoke with mrs.
3:05 pm
stoddard and she said i do forgive him. we'll take some of the family members speaking if we can any minute. we'll be looking for that and take in it tucson. in the meantime, we have more information about an incident last week here. two iranian military planes fired at an unarmed u.s. predator drone. the drone aircraft performing routine surveillance over the persian gulf whether the iranian su-25 war plane opened fire. barbara starr is in the pentagon. barbara, i know that there's a news conference. tell me what you learned. >> reporter: well, brooke, now that cnn reported the information, the pentagon for the first time is publicly responding to questions about all of this now that we have put it out there. it was last thursday just a few days, of course, before the election, iran took action that ratcheted up military tensions. two iranian su-25, pretty old russian fighter aircraft they
3:06 pm
have, went out in to the air space over the persian gulf and fired continuously at a u.s. air force predator drone. this was about 16 miles off the iranian coast. in international air space. this is a very aggressive action. the pentagon press secretary talked about whether or not this is an act of war. >> we believe it's the first time that an unmanned aircraft has been shot at over international waters in the arabian gulf. >> is that an act of war? >> i'm not going to get in to legal labels. the reality is that we have a wide range of options as i said before to protect our assets and forces in the region and will do so when necessary. we have communicated to the iranians that we'll continue to conduct surveillance flights over international waters, over the arraign i can't be gulf consistent with long standing practice. >> reporter: look. this is an unmanned drone and no
3:07 pm
u.s. military pilot on board and doesn't make it less serious. president obama, defense secretary panetta informed very quickly last thursday morning after this happened. the pentagon pledging to continue to conduct the missions and make no mistake. this might have been routine surveillance over the gulf but it was a classified military mission that the iranians went after. brooke? >> here we are on, what is this? thursday today and this was last thursday. was this kept quiet? >> reporter: yeah. it was. and the pentagon says the reason is it was a classified mission and they say they're not in the business of talking about it until, frankly, cnn reported it and they started getting questions from reporters about it. you know, look. the iranians know what they did and not a big secret from them. were they trying to shoot it down? how much do the iranians want to cause over those vital oil shipping lanes in the gulf right now, brooke? >> barbara starr, thank you very
3:08 pm
much, at the pentagon for us. now president obama gets four more years in the white house. is it gridlock or does he have a new strategy perhaps for working with the divisive congress? we'll go live to the white house for that. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
3:09 pm
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3:11 pm
it is now almost 48 hours since the polls closed but there is one state where the election isn't over yet. florida. the state introduced us to hanging chads and butterfly ballots back in the hotly contested presidential race in 2000 and this yearlong lines, long ballots and long waits combine to frustrate floridian voters that waited more than seven hours in miami. dozens were still in line at 7:00 at night when the polls were supposed to be closing. the last ballot cast we're told at 1:30 wednesday morning. election officials pulled an all-nighter counting 21,000 absentee ballots. >> i like to take this opportunity to remind our voters.
3:12 pm
this is simply a matter of sheer volume. we're dealing with a tremendous amount of paper. we will continue this process. it will be completed but it will be done so with integrity and accuracy. every vote will be counted. >> we've been told all of the 21,000 absentee ballots have been now been counted and the canvassing board is meeting to go over the provisional ballots results are expected tomorrow. three other florida counties still counting ballots, as well. for the re-elected barack obama it is back to governing. this morning, the president got the daily intelligence briefing and not seen him yet in public. we did just learn here that he will be stopping in meyanmar. let's go to jessica yellin what's the president doing today? >> reporter: hi, brooke. never a quiet day for the president and that includes today. in part, i'm told he's taking meetings with staff here at the
3:13 pm
white house and he has been returning a list of phone calls from world leader who is called to congratulate him. it includes the prime minister of israel, nato secretary general king abdullah from saudi arabia. i could go on. i'm sure we'll hear about his day later on this afternoon. and no doubt taking meetings with staff about some of the upcoming items on the agenda, brooke. >> speaking of those items, jessica yellin, folks are hoping that maybe the election ushers in a season of change and less gridlock and problem solving. what did the white house make of john boehner saying that he haen the republicans, they're ready and willing for the president to take the lead, trying to head off the january tax increase plus the automatic military, the other spending cuts that the so-called fiscal cliff? >> reporter: look. everybody is expecting to head in to negotiations on this quickly. there's full plans here at white house for quick entrance to in
3:14 pm
to the discussions and the president has no plans, brooke, to give any kind of major speech, any kind of address on economic policy or on the fiscal cliff and their view that the president laid out his rigs for a grand bargain for the negotiations when they were talking about first the grand bargain back in the summer last year and then when congress was negotiating that super committee. but they're prepared to deal. you know? to create some sort of room for negotiation. one thing we know is that the white house said point-blank the president would veto any proposal to raise taxes or, sorry, that keeps the bush tax cuts for people making $25,000 or more. so that's sort of a nonstarter. so, you know, the battle lines are drawn. we'll see where the first offer comes in from which side but he does look like both sides are willing to negotiate on this one. brooke? >> we await the negotiations, what should we expect from the
3:15 pm
president in the next couple of days? >> reporter: well, nothing's on the schedule, but it would be surprising if the president does not address the public. so we're all gearing up here for some kind of press conference if not tomorrow, then at the beginning of next week would one assume so something's coming up even though it's not on the schedule. >> something. >> reporter: i think. right? >> yes. we'll be looking for it. thank you so much. people are calling it one big ground zero. this is what a guest called it the last hour. sandy victims now being hit and devastated by this nor'easter. snow, ice, bitter cold temperatures. we'll talk to someone else affected live next.
3:16 pm
3:17 pm
3:18 pm
want to take you to the northeast where nature is delivering this one-two punch and sandy didn't deliver enough misery here, people shoveling, trying to recover from last week's superstorm. now being held by the cold, cruel nor'easter. i'm talking snow, wind, freezing rain. and last thing in the world this region needs, more power outages. listen to new jersey's governor reacting to this latest weather threat. >> i said i'll wait for the
3:19 pm
locusts and pestilence next. >> here's what it is delivering. more than a foot of snow in some areas, a new round of evacuations, power outages from delaware to maine and the storm is fueling anger. sandy's victims all the way from brooklyn to the jersey shore spent the night riding out the miserable conditions. very, very cold for them. many don't have power. don't have heat and lights. the nor'easter knocking out power to 59,000 more homes and temperatures plummet and us from traces rising, state officials say not enough is done to restore power. >> if you had a major supplier and a major contractor in here right away we can have the lights on within a week. way they're going right now, taking us to christmas to get it done. >> deb feyerick live in brooklyn, i hear frustration and people feeling neglected. >> reporter: yeah.
3:20 pm
a lot of frustration. a lot of focus on lower manhattan because you have wall street, a lot of big firms there and the subways and people saying lower manhattan, lower manhattan. it is the outer areas hard hit and they feel that help has just been way too slow coming. you see the snow here, brooke. this is the second punch that hit this particular community. this is garretson beach. across from breezy point where the fires initially hit and going down, okay, you're going down. this is the path that a surge wave took. it was as high as 10 to 12 feet. people running for their lives. these cars, they're not even salvageable some of them. we saw one sticker that said total loss and pretty much how a lot of people here in this community feel. because they're waiting for fema officials to put boots on the ground. we saw national guard. they dropped off water and mres. that's helpful but people need to way to get the electricity in their homes and bringing in
3:21 pm
licensed electricians to go through the 2,000 homes in the community and sign off before con ed will begin to turn the power on. you can see some of the volunteers here who are bringing more meals to some of the people here. barbara ann harper is a volunteer. tell me, what has it been like and the mood among the people right now? >> self forgotten down here. a lot of areas such as the rockyaways were affected greatly and here greatly. but there's been support. i notice, i went to my mother-in-law's house where there's electricity and watching on the news, what bothers me is i don't see our area being spoken about. the people giving us things are local businesses. local restaurants. donating food. the red cross we saw one truck. okay? do you know that they didn't have hot coffee? they were able to give us turkey gumbo soup or a dry turkey sandwich. many people who contribute -- i
3:22 pm
understand that in the administrative part of it, they make a lot of money. okay? a lot of people contribute to the red cross but where is the help? >> reporter: so there's resentment. the help that everybody's getting. >> that's a powerful word. i don't think we have got on the that point where we -- we're trying to survive right now. we're not even there yet. we feel abandoned. we feel hurt. that's how we feel. >> reporter: thank you so much. at least barbara's one of the people trying to help these folks but you can hear, brooke, abandoned. we feel hurt. they're just trying to survive. so, it's tough for a lot of people now trying to make a difference. >> trying to survive. deb, thank you. thanks to her. want to take you from brooklyn, though, to one of the areas we showed you right after sandy hit last week. toms river, new jersey. remember the pictures? this was last week on halloween. this is bad. obviously. but it gets worse.
3:23 pm
take a look at this. this is what toms river looks like now coated in white. snow, wind gusts topping 50 miles per hour. keith paul, i'm going to bring you in on the phone from toms river. keith, thanks for calling in. i know you're there with your wife, you have a 2-year-old. how are they? and how bad are conditions where you are? >> you know, brooke, it's pretty bad. i do consider myself one of the fortunate ones because my house is still standing but a block away from me, houses got destroyed. i'm three houses from the bay. my street was okay. this snow we got hit with, they were telling us it was rain where we are in the jersey shore. i'm one mile away from seaside heights and it was snow. we have five to seven inches of snow outside and it was such a wet, heavy snow that -- so basically, what happened was i had a generator of somebody that got their power back because i still have no power but their power went back out and it's
3:24 pm
just happening all over from the snow. you know? it's difficult. like i said, i feel fortunate that i have my house. >> keith, you mentioned that generator. i was told that you could be using that generator to yourself. you're not. you're sharing it with who? >> well, let me tell you how it happened. it was two days after the storm we lost power and i pulled up to the house and the neighbor pulls up in front and knocks on the door and he goes, are you guys staying here with the baby? the baby turned 2 years old november 5th and i said, yes. he goes, go to the backyard and he threw an extension cord over to me for half of his generator for two days i shared his with his. i would use it for four hours. and then take my cord and give it to my next door neighbor. she's got to be 75 years old and in the house by herself. she was using her stove and her oven to heat her home. >> and now you're helping her as you were helped post sandy. incredible hearing your story.
3:25 pm
i spoke to someone last hour and said it could have been worse, absolutely. just for people who, though, are watching this on tv. they hear your voice. they see the snow. just -- >> i mean, let me put it to you this way. i have a generator and sharing wit the next door neighbor. it's a powerful generator. i could hook in it to the panel box and run my house like normal. i don't have the heart to do that and leave her without power but now so like last night you have to have it covered up with the snow. 4:00 in the morning i'm outside, snow coming down. i completely move all the stuff to fuel up the generator so we have heat in the night because i have a 2-year-old. >> keith paul, you're a good man for sharing with your neighbor. so many people -- >> no, no. >> neighbors helping neighbors. keep your little baby warm and we're thinking about you an your wife. thank you so much. >> thank you, brooke. >> we wish you warmth there in new jersey. man, i know a lot of you want to help. you can. help some of the storm victims. this is what you need to do. go to
3:26 pm
click around. you 'll find all kinds of information how to help, how to contribute to the relief effort very much so under way. now a brutal dictator says he's not going anywhere. >> i'm not popular. i'm syrian. i'm made in syrian. i will die in syria. >> he says i'll die in syria. we'll take you to the crisis unfolding still 18, 19 months in. word of a possible missile deployment, too, on the border of syria. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. ♪ make it worth watching. ♪ the new 2013 lexus ls.
3:27 pm
an entirely new pursuit. the new 2013 lexus ls. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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3:29 pm
we have breaking news out of arizona. jared lee loughner that killed six, wounded 13 in tucson in january of 2011, he has now been sentenced to life without parole. what you are looking at here, a number of vicks of that fateful day outside that grocery store in tucson.
3:30 pm
people shot including the now congressman ron barber taken the seat of former congresswoman giffords. he was there that day, shot in his leg. let's listen in. >> i have to say how grateful we are to the victims services that with the u.s. attorney's office, particularly sean cox with us all the way and of the county attorney walters. one of the if not the most outstanding victims services program in the country. they have been a lifeline for all of us and the support is invaluable throughout this legal process and our recovery. i just want to close with this. as i was finishing my remarks in court this morning, i wanted to address mr. loughner's family. his parents were in the room. i told them that we and i hold no hatred towards them. no animosity towards them. and that we can certainly appreciate the agony and the
3:31 pm
grief that they, too, are going through and then i turned to mr. loughner and said, i hold you -- hold no hatred for you but i'm very, very angry and sick of heart about what you did and the hurt you have caused the souls of all of us. i told him that he must now live with this burden and he'll never see outside of the prison again. and i said, in the end, i hope that these long years of incarceration that you face will give you the time to think about what you have done. and to seek forgiveness from those whose lives to which you so much tears and so much sadness. in the end, we are a community that's unified and passionate and caring. we have not only survived this awful tragedy but as a community clearly we have triumphed. thank you. >> we'll come back to this and
3:32 pm
watching this. this is different victims of the horrendous shooting in tu san and six people killed, 13 injured. this is the first time these survivors are perhaps family of those lost got to look at him in the eyes and send a message to him and clearly congressman barber did just that. also, interesting in talking to correspondent who was sitting in the courtroom, many of the people want jared loughner wherever it is he ends up for his life taking the medication because they want him to be fully aware of where he is and what he's done to change their lives forever. moving on here, let's talk syria. today we have turkey talking of a possible missile deployment along the southern border in response to the crisis in syria. what might syria think about that? we have been focused on the election. the killing in syria intensified just in week in damascus and now we have the embattled syrian
3:33 pm
leader bashar al assad saying, forget it, i'm not going anywhere. prepared to die in syria. forget about leaving for a nation of his choice as suggested this week by british prime minister cameron this week. we have sat here and talked syria. bring me up to speed in damascus. >> it's worse. the death toll daily routinely in the triple digits. that used to be an anomaly. now 150 killed as a regular occurrence. we are seeing more car bombs. more al qaeda-linked fighters in the country using al qaeda-type tactics like targeting military installations with car bombs and of course that carries with it civilian casualties and now we are hearing from the syrian president as you said. he spoke to russia today, television, and he said he's not going anywhere. i'm not a puppet. i was not made by the west, he said, to go to the west or to any other country.
3:34 pm
i'm a syrian. i was made in syria. i have to live in syria. and die in syria. that might sound a little bit familiar because if you replaced syria with word libya, it sounds like moammar gadhafi. >> turkish officials saying they're talking with nato of a possible deployment of missiles. >> their concern is cross-border violence going on over several months and killed turkish citizens on the turkish side of the border and lead to a spillover. they're concerned about that. the turkish president has said that this is something that's discussed. and this is an effort to contain the violence and not allow it to spill over. this is giving you a sense of the regional quality, the regional sort of how regionally this could spill over to syria. we have seen it in leb anna nicole and turkey and jordan. >> maybe a possible no-fly zone? >> i think we are far from that.
3:35 pm
very far from that idea. right now. there's no appetite because that's anti-aircraft installations and involves a true military interessential and so much more complicated their libya and dangerous for an intervention. i think we are far from that. eventually, though, the big question is who's this opposition in today in qatar -- >> they're meeting. the u.s. is there, britain is there. >> we have been so focused on the election there's news of washington, as well. hillary clinton said, look, this syrian national council, kind of a loose grouping of opposition while exiles, we need to move beyond that and a group more representative. they're in doha. the meeting fell apart and didn't agree on a representative group of the syrian opposition. so, militarily, it's getting worse and also diplomatically. it's going nowhere. here we have politically not advancing. >> bad situation, getting worse.
3:36 pm
>> absolutely. >> thank you very much. >> just ahead, another link in a chain here of troubled events for jesse jackson jr. now word of a possible plea deal as the illinois congressman faces legal trouble. we are on the face next. busier highways.nk on on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning.
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3:39 pm
despite being out of the office and in treatment for this mood disorder since the summer, congressman jesse jackson jr. was re-elected two days ago and now seeking a much tougher signoff from prosecutors investigating him for allegedly misusing campaign funds. chicago sun times is reporting jackson is working on a plea deal and quote a source here talking to the newspaper. quote, no one has pled guilty but three discussions are ongoing. end quote. sunny hostin with me now on the
3:40 pm
case. good to see you again. what would a flee bargain for congressman jackson involve? >> well, you know, it's certainly wouldn't involve jail time. i don't know that any defense attorney would allow him to agree to that but this is -- these are serious allegations. i mean, allegations that he allegedly used campaign funds to decorate his d.c. home. to buy a $40,000 rolex for a lady friend. those are significant allegations and any federal prosecutor would make him give up his seat in congress. and i think that that would be a significant blow for jesse jackson jr. he would have to plead guilty to a federal felony and no way to continue seetding and it's unfortunate because he -- this was a resounding win for him, right? 64% of the vote. >> right. >> but any plea deal would
3:41 pm
certainly i believe include giving up his seat. >> okay. let's move now to this ballot measure that's causing quite a stir and of all industries, i know, you laugh, the porn industry. voters in los angeles county, they passed measure "b." what is it? requires actors in adult films to wear condoms to prevent a spread of aids, other stds. a group says planning to sue, to stop enforcement. sunny? as a former prosecutor, how do you enforce this law? >> you know, i think you can enforce it. i suspect that they will have to get film production companies will have to get a permit. health permit from l.a. county and part of that health permit would be the agreement that porn performers would have to wear condoms and i suspect set visits. you see that sort of enforcement with restaurants. right? you have health inspectors come.
3:42 pm
>> sure. >> health inspectors visit school cafeterias. it can be enforced. when's fascinating to me, brooke, the free speech coalition is filing a lawsuit saying that the law is unconstitutional and should be a state law and not necessarily a local law. but the bottom line is that in california workplace laws, porn performers supposed to use condoms anyway and wildly violated an enso i don't think that think lawsuit is going to be successful. but one thing that was interesting to me, the other grounds for the lawsuit was that -- let me look. it would be excessive money to comply with this law. porn industry's a billion dollar industry. condoms aren't that expensive. >> no, they're not. no, they're not. we'll leave that one there. sunny hostin, thank you, on the case with us today. thank you so much. >> thank you. just ahead here, new details in the case of u.s. army sergeant accused of shooting and
3:43 pm
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military investigators had to wait three weeks before entering some of the afghan villages where an american soldier allegedly murdered 16 civilians. military investigator says afghan tempers running so high that it was too dangerous for investigators to actually leave
3:46 pm
the base. robert bales accused of murdering 16 afghans last march. chris lawrence is working the story for us. what are you hearing about the anger after the alleged shooting spree? >> reporter: it was paramount, brooke, and something the investigators clearly had to deal with. in fact, one of the lead investigators who did veally get on the scene said they were expecting to be attacked at any time. they had to be guarded by two separate security patrols on the ground as well as two helicopters in the air. so there is still a tremendous amount of anger in that village over what happened. but those investigators finally did get a chance to go in there. and although a lot of the evidence was collected by the afghans in the immediate days after this attack, the u.s. investigators were able to get some other things, too, as well as blood samples. .9 millimeter shells and an investigator said they found
3:47 pm
steroids. they found steroids outside of sergeant bales' quarters. we know from what the defense attorney said he plans to use the use of steroids as a primary motivator in his defense of what happened that day. >> okay. just quickly here, we should point out this is all coming out with the article 32 hearing, right? preliminary hearing involving the sergeant. >> reporter: that's right. this is sort of shaping what's going to go forward. you know, what evidence is going to be presented. what has been found, laying out the charges. and again, now we're starting to get an indication of what the prosecution will present and how the defense attorney is going to try to defend him from the murder of 16 people in that village. >> chris lawrence, thank you, at the pentagon for us. coming up, marijuana was no high. yep. it's real. a new strain of medical marijuana is being developed with virtually no buzz and some doctors say, hey, it's for a very good reason.
3:48 pm
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pot without the high. i know. some of you are asking but why? there is definitely among a market of patients who want to feel better without the buzz. now there's a form to match. it's coming from all places, israel. cnn's sarah sidner has the story. >> reporter: every morning this 80-year-old gets his medicine, stuffs it in his pipe and smokes it. he is using medical marijuana. also known as cannabis. how does the cannabis make you feel? >> good. >> reporter: he is a holocaust survivor and author and painter whose hands shake so much he couldn't work anymore. my hands are now steady. i can hold things like tea, he says. the cannabis also makes him high because of the psychoactive
3:52 pm
effects of the substance thc in the plant. for those who use medical marijuana, the high they experience is the price for the reported help it gives to cancer patients on chemotherapy or others suffering from everything from parkinson's disease to pain. rifka thought marijuana just got people high until she was prescribed a new strain of the plant and tried it. two spoonfuls a day with her other medications. her pain that left her wheelchair bound began to leave her relieved without feeling lethargic. outstanding. i was turned into a different person. i was resurrected. i was awakened to life, she says. because the new cannabis helped her get back on her feet again. a company in israel grows and distributes medical marijuana says the new strain it has developed has almost no thc, virtually eliminating the high. the plant produces a high concentration of another substance called cbd.
3:53 pm
to publicize their new product, we met a professor that's been studying the effects of cbd for more than a decade and is now being paid by the company to continue her research. >> so really dealing with not toxic material very active anti-inflammatory and anti-pain and not expensive to grow. >> reporter: growers here say this is the most potent type of medical marijuana or cannabis in its traditional form. but just next to it is the wave of the future. we're talking about putting cannabis in capsules and also having it put into chewing gum so that even children can take it. cannabis is being prescribed in israel and used by children who have been licensed. medical marijuana has been legal in israel for more than a decade. it is strictly controlled. a doctor has to prescribe it. and each patient must have an individual license to use it. >> we can't be all the time narrow minded. we have to think about people who are suffering.
3:54 pm
and we have to think how we help them without god forbid allowing more use of drugs among those who don't need them. >> reporter: but critics say there's simply not enough research on marijuana of any kind for medical purposes. they say that unlike other drugs, the results of testing including dosing and negative side effects are not yet clear. but growers here hope their new version can be exported around the world one day. but this 80-year-old says he'll stay with the good old fashioned medical marijuana. sara sidner, cnn in northern israel. >> i've been watching her tweets here through that piece. in a word, interesting. tweet me. looking at pictures. the dow down just about 80 points here. we're talking to alison kosik about the numbers and about apple stock. that's next. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare,
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this just into us here. gas rationing in new york city will begin tomorrow morning. mayor of new york city michael bloomberg signed an emergency
3:58 pm
order today for odd/even rationing in new york city starts at 6:00 tomorrow morning. governor andrew cuomo says nasa and suffolk counties along long island will also do the same. people's license plates ending with an even number, you can buy on even numbered days. odd number plates, odd number days. mayor bloomberg says gas rationing is necessary to help alleviate all the long gas lines and get the supply of gasoline back to normal. two minutes from the closing bell, another losing day for the major indices. alison kosik in new york. before we talk numbers, what's going on with apple? >> you know what, for apple it's just not about apple anymore. alone on the playing field, brooke. there's stiff competition especially in the tablet market. windows surface hit the market last month. samsung gallery, there's a new line of kindles. the market's getting crowded. if you've invested in apple shares, buy low, sell high, if you bought the stock at $100,
3:59 pm
$200 or even $300 and sell at $500 or dlrsz 600, you've made yourself a nice profit, brooke. >> as we see numbers and getting ready for the closing bell, down about 100 points yesterday, what the worst day of the year? >> it was. the losses we're seeing right now have accelerated in the past few minutes. we're seeing the dow continue to pile onto yesterday's massive selloff. investors continue to worry about the fiscal cliff, higher taxes and federal spending cuts go into effect all at once. there is an expectation that something will get done, that president obama and congress will hammer out a deal. but until lawmakers get there, analysts say there's not much conviction to buy stocks. >> so should we assume until those negotiations here -- 20 seconds -- until those negotiations are finalized in washington we will continue to see this selling off trend on the street? >> the trend really is downward. don't be surprised you will see some pops of green on the screen. but the trend is down just because there is so many uncertainty. it's not just about


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